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CSJ Filter understands that it can be a daunting task to select the correct filter bag / bag filter for your industrial baghouse needs. Whether you are interested in improved filter performance, faster deliveries, a "quick quote", or have a question about how you can maximize effectiveness of your existing filter bags, we can help.
Having been in the business for over 20 years, we make certain that you get the right bag filter for your application by considering all appropriate aspects of your decision. Your issues may be frequent bag changeouts, high differential pressure, poor airflow, emissions, expensive unplanned downtime, or you may simply be looking for replacement bags for your dust collector. No matter what your needs, CSJ Filter can assist you in determining the exact cause of your underperfoming filter bags.
We offer a complete line of replacement and custom designed bag filters to fit all manufacturer filter bag housings. We intend to be your single source supplier for all of your baghouse dust collector, parts, and bag filter needs, and pride ourselves in our ability to bring true quality and savings to our customers, helping them to run their businesses more efficiently. Our relationships with our current customers stand as a testimony of this focus in our organization.
Our dust collector filters are carefully fabricated and sized to ensure ease of installation and change-out. These bag filters are designed to be mounted and gasketed firmly into place with a snap band, corded cuff, or clamp to ensure a dust tight seal. Various coatings and finishes can be applied to either side of the dust collector bag filter to enhance cleaning and efficiencies, as well as to prolong service life. Ground wire, anti-collapse rings, and other options can be easily incorporated into bag construction. For more details and information on how to select a bag filter for your application, see instructions and table below, or click here. One of our experienced representatives stands ready to assist you when you call +86 15941701377/ 417 3828312
YingKou ChuangShiJi Filter Materials Co., Ltd